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Morfa Bay

Our last full day of activities and what a fabulous day it has been. 18 of the children woke early to join Miss King for a 20 minute run - well done to them! After breakfast, we squeezed into our wetsuits and all made our way down to the beach for a morning of body boarding, surfing and playing in the waves; it was great fun (especially as the waves were huge).

After lunch the groups split up and went to their final activity of the trip. 

Amroth had the challenging Assault Course, which they completed with smiles a-plenty. During the course, all children have to make mud angels and both Kian and Lyra's were spectacular! Flynn, a true star throughout the week, relished jumping, rolling and crawling through the mud. Stars of the Day for Amroth (it was too difficult to choose between them) were Erin and Lyra for their wonderfully positive attitudes in all they have faced this week.

Angle went to the abseiling tower, which the children found fairly easy having tackled the high ropes earlier on in the week. Most children managed a 360 turn on their descent and a few had two turns. Star of the Day was Amalia for overcoming her anxiety of going into the sea and thoroughly enjoying the experience. 

Caldy faced the high ropes, which is one of the most challenging activities, and most of the group managed to get to the see-saw at the very top. Lucy, Ryleigh and Ned scampered up with ease and even danced at the top. Others faced their fears of heights and showed resilience and perseverance. Star of the Day was Jeska for reaching the top by using sheer determination and for supporting others in the group throughout the day.

The teachers would like to say a special thank you to Jacob's mum for the delicious tiffin; it has sustained us!

Tonight is the disco and the children are all now getting ready to show us their moves. 

We are due to leave Morfa Bay at 10 in the morning and should be home by 3pm. We will let the school know if there are any significant delays. We hope you have enjoyed the blog and pictures. See you tomorrow.


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