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Miss Dallimore

Welcome to Cygnets Class.


My name is Miss Dallimore and I am the N1 Co-ordinator for Cygnets class.


Cygnets is a nursery class at Caldecott for children ages 2 – 3 years, offering funded and childcare spaces for 15 or 30 hours each week. Cygnets class offers the younger children an opportunity to experience nursery in a smaller environment before moving across to Swans class in the main school building.

In Cygnets we will focus on play based learning in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

We value parental input to aid our planning, assessment and teaching in Foundation Stage. When you notice your child doing something for the first time, having a special interest or being really involved with an activity at home, please let us know and we will fill in a 'parent observation' slip for you. This will then be added to their development profile.

When your child makes you very proud, for example, catches a ball or eats all their vegetables! - Please let us know and we will fill in a 'wow' slip. We will put the slips on to our ‘Wow wall’ and later they will be added to your child's profile which contributes to our understanding of their development and interests.





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