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Mrs Crask

Friday 10th July 2020


Dear Kestrels,


Wow, it is the final week of term next week after quite an adventure! There are lots of activities to choose from on the timetable but I also want you to make sure that you take time to do the kinds of things that we would normally do at the end of the summer term - you could do some sports day style PE activities e.g. sprint, obstacle course, egg and spoon... Alternatively, you might want to have a good tidy up and sort out, watch a film, finish reading a book that you have started and enjoy a few treats! I am sad not to be able to say this to you all in person but I hope you feel very proud of all that you have done as a Year 4. You achieved so much in the classroom before lockdown and you have continued to achieve at home and do wonderful things despite all of the challenges of learning in a different environment. You have all shown such resilience and determination. You will be absolutely amazing Year 5 children!


On Tuesday at 10.00am, you have your Zoom call with your new year 5 teachers Mr Marsh and Miss Tolley who are really looking forward to seeing you. As before, you will be sent the Zoom meeting information so that you are able to join in. There is a special form in the resources section named 'Year 5 Zoom meeting'. Please have a look at the questions and write down your answers to them ready for the session. 


Have a fabulous last week of term. Remember to send me an email or phone if you need to discuss anything with me before the summer break.


Huge best wishes, 


Mrs Crask 


Tuesday 7th July 2020


Dear Kestrels,


Just a quick message from me to say thank you to all of you who joined in with our class Zoom call today. It was wonderful to see so many of you and to have some time together before the holidays. I know that time went very quickly and one or two of you had some sound/camera issues so if you have any other questions about September, please do email me before the holidays. Here is a photo of somebody you might recognise enjoying our Zoom meeting today plus a new, furry member of Kestrels class, I think! 


Have a great rest of the week,


Mrs Crask

Friday 3rd July 2020


Dear Kestrels, 


I am really looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 7th July at 10.00am for our class zoom session. Your adult will be sent a link with some instructions on how to connect beforehand so that you can join in. This is a good opportunity for us to get together remotely as a class before the summer holidays. To prepare for our session, have a think about the things you are looking forward to in September and also any worries you might have. If there is something that you would like to ask during our session, you could write it down on a piece of paper. I will set aside some time just before the end of our session in case you have any questions. 


As we approach the end of term, it is really important that we look after ourselves and feel healthy inside and out. This link to Mind Yeti mindfulness is a very helpful way to relax and feel calm. There are a number of videos to choose from to support you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8sYqsD2WZQ&list=PLiaUKiwbiHMQDQLCXoPaMMYotldKlUQCw&index=2&t=0s


Have a super weekend and I will see you on Tuesday!


Mrs Crask

Term 6 week 6 Timetable and English resources

Thank you for sharing some more of your wonderful work. Well done!

Sunday 28th June 2020


Dear Kestrels class,


I hope that you have had a good week and managed to avoid the heavy rain this weekend. I would love to hear from you with your news and to see what you have been doing - keep the emails and photos coming, it is always lovely to hear from you. 


For the timetable this week, there is some MyMaths to go with the White Rose work that I hope you will enjoy. The maths topic this week is all about data including bar charts and pictograms. I have been looking at your TT Rockstars data and am so pleased to see that many of you are working hard on your tables. Keep up the good work. I will be setting some new tables for you to work on at the end of this week.


Have any of you visited the zoo or a safari park now that they are open again? I visited one with my family and a tiger walked in front of our car! Here are two photos for you so that you can have a look. It was quite a surprise!


I miss you all lots and hope that you are well and happy. 


Have a lovely week,


Mrs Crask 

Thank you for sending in your work!

Cooking at home
Working on fractions.
Dorothy Vaughn facts.
Making tie-dye clothing.
The finished results!
Pointillism art
A new fruit for James!
Pointillism art

Sunday 7th June


Dear Kestrels,


I hope that you have had a nice first week of term 6. It has been lovely talking to some of you and I have enjoyed hearing from you with your emails and work. I have posted the new timetable and resources for this week below. Please remember to keep reading regularly, too. If you are looking for some more inspiration and are a J.K. Rowling fan, you might enjoy reading her new book, The Ickabog. It is available online on the following link: https://www.theickabog.com/read-the-story/.


I have had some favourite song nominations from you: Shotgun by George Ezra and Giant by Calvin Harris. Mine is Power Over Me by Dermot Kennedy - it is very catchy! Keep your songs coming.  I have also been enjoying hearing about your research on different scientists so far: The Wright Brothers, Leonardo da Vinci and Robert Kahn. One of you has nominated Leonardo da Vinci as the most important scientist. I wonder who else you might nominate? As a challenge for this week, see if you can find out about a French volcanologist called Katia Krafft and email me what you discover. You will remember we learned about volcanoes when we were in school so I think that you will find her very interesting.


Have a great week!


Mrs Crask



Kestrels class creativity

Robert Kahn drawing
Drawing with Rob: comparing styles
VE Day baking
Homemade biscuits. Yum!
Drawing with Rob



Thursday 21st May


Dear Kestrels,


It has been lovely to catch up with many of you on the phone this week and to hear your news. Thank you for all of your well wishes, too. Next week is half term so make sure that you have a bit of time to relax and enjoy yourself - hopefully the weather will be kind to us. 


Many of you may have already heard about the Covid 19 snake challenge. The idea is to paint a rock with a special design and then add it to the long snake that is being made outside the fire station on Ock Street in Abingdon. If you make one, I would love to see your rock designs as well as anything else that you have been doing. Please email your photos to me at the usual address: homework@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk and remember to let me know if you are happy for them to go on our class page or not. Are you still clapping for key workers each Thursday too? In my road, we had a drum and maracas! 


The next timetable and resources will be uploaded to this page on Sunday 31st May. Our topic next term is all about scientists who have changed the world. Perhaps you have a favourite scientist that you can think of already? I am looking forward to hearing your ideas.


Have a great half term and keep staying safe,


Mrs Crask

More lovely work that you have shared. Well done!

Mantle drawing
A space station
Newspaper report writing
One of Kestrels class going to the moon?
Learning Chinese characters
Circulation model

Home learning

Monday 4th May 2020


Dear Kestrels, parents and carers, 


I hope you are all well and that you have been enjoying the new timetables over the past couple of weeks. It has been wonderful to hear your news from Mrs Handa and it has been nice to look through all of the lovely work that many of you have been sending in. As you can see, I have now posted some of your work on our class page and will continue to do so. If you are sending a photo, video or PowerPoint that has a picture of you or a member of the family in it, please say whether or not you give permission to post it and then I will know if it is ok to share it.


It has been lovely to catch up with some of you this week. If I have not spoken you, I will chat with you next week.  I will then continue to phone through the rest of the term but it might be 10-14 days between calls. 


This week's timetable is 4 days only as there is a bank holiday. I hope that you and your family have a lovely week.  


Best wishes,

Mrs Crask

I have loved receiving your homework. Please continue to send it in.

English week 2

Map of North America

USA facts

Newspaper article

Sunday 19th April 2020

Dear parents/carers and Kestrels, 

I hope you have all had a restful Easter break and that you are all well. We have been so lucky with the lovely weather and I hope that you have enjoyed it. As school closures will continue, each year group has made a suggested timetable with links to learning and activities. Please remember, the timetable is there as a guide and we do not expect everyone to follow it every day. We understand that during this difficult time no one  needs any extra pressure so please pick and choose what works for you from the timetable. 

Best wishes and take care,

Mrs Crask

KS2 Update Friday 3rd April 2020


It’s been a strange couple of weeks for our school community but it has been great to talk to parents and children on the phone and to hear what you’ve been doing. 


Thank you also for your emails with pictures of children’s work which we are very much enjoying.  If you do decide to share work with the class teacher, we would appreciate it if you could send these in once a week to the homework email address and they will be forwarded to teachers from the school office. The next two weeks are officially Easter holiday weeks and so we will not be calling or setting new work.  


When the new term starts on Monday 20th April, we will be posting a weekly timetable on the school website class page each week; the work will cover most of the learning objectives we would have taught in school for that week (as far as this is possible). It is important that children try to follow this and establish a daily routine but we realise that this will be different for different families in different situations; please just do your best. At school, children learn the values of resourcefulness and resilience and this situation is a good reminder of why these values are so important.


Even though it’s hard being so constrained in our movements and not seeing friends, it’s a good time for the children to learn new things through practical experiences at home – cook, learn to ride a bike, learn how to touch type, make things, learn a rhyme or a poem, sing, sew, knit, tell the time.  You will probably have lots of other ideas too!


Most of all, enjoy spending time with your lovely children. 


Thanks so much for all your support and we wish you all a happy and healthy Easter!


The KS2 Team

Tuesday 31st March


Hi Kestrels,


 I hope that you and your families are all well. I  am really impressed with the way you have carried on with your learning at home. It has been interesting to find out the subjects that have excited you and for me to learn from you. Some parents and children have recommended websites that they have enjoyed which is extremely helpful. 


I have been pleased to see that that many of you have been doing Times Table Rockstars and My Maths. Last week, we beat Red Kites in the TT Rockstars tournament! A new tournament is now running this week - please do take part as much as you can and let's see if we can win for a second week in a row. If you are keen to work on more maths tasks, you can also click on the White Rose link below (see resources section) which will take you to some maths lessons. The lessons pick up where we left off and there is a new lesson every day. 


I would love to receive some topic homework or more photos of the work that you have been doing. Please send these to: homework@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk.  I am reading my emails each day and will look forward to hearing more about the things that you have been working on. Well done for all you have achieved at home so far!


I wish you all a healthy and happy week,


Mrs  Crask

Friday 27th March


It was wonderful to be able to speak to so many of you yesterday and to hear how you are getting on. I have seen lots of lovely work on the homework email already. Keep it coming! It has also been great to see how busy many of you have been on Times Tables Rockstars. Please do encourage your child to log in to this regularly so that they can strengthen their times tables knowledge during their time away from school. 


If you missed my call yesterday and would like a phone call, please contact the school email address on: admin.2605@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk or forward any school work related queries to our new email address: homework@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk. Please also let us know if there is an alternative phone number that you would prefer us to use to reach you. I will be phoning families again next week before the start of the Easter break and look forward to speaking with you then.


I hope you and your families are able to enjoy some sunny walks in the coming days.


Best wishes,


Mrs Crask



24th March Year 4 Learning Update!  


Activities on fractions have now been set in MyMaths for your child to explore. Please encourage your child to use the feedback option when completing this work so that we can review how they have got on with each task. In addition, we have set up a new email address as follows: Homework@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk. Please use this address to send photographs or attachments of any work that your child would like us to see. Whilst it is not possible for us to formally mark work during this difficult period, we would be delighted to see what the children have been doing and to share in their successes and discoveries. It may also be possible to provide a small level of feedback should you have a specific query that cannot wait for your weekly phone call review.


We will continue to operate a small team within school in order to address all other queries. Should you need support with anything other than homework, please continue to use our school office email address: admin.2605@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk. Also, if your child is entitled to free school meals, we are still able to provide a hot lunch or a brunch bag regardless of whether or not they are in school. If you require a meal for your child, please let the school office know. Meals are ready to collect from the school office at 12.00pm each day. If your child is entitled to a meal but you are concerned about social distancing, we have put measures in place so that you can receive your child's meal safely. 


In other news, David Walliams is releasing a new audio story at 11.00 am each day, read by him. Do tune in and enjoy! The link to the first story is below.


Please continue to check the class page regularly  - we will continue to update it over the course of the coming weeks.


The Year 4 Team

*Kestrels class learning from home update*


Dear parents/carers,


I will miss seeing the children over the coming weeks and hope they are able to continue successfully with their learning at home. Listed below are some useful website links and documents to help your child with their learning while they are off school. The children will also have a learning pack to take home (or this will be delivered to you if they are absent). The pack includes a timetable to help them structure the day and links to websites too.


I will be phoning once a week to check how your child is doing and to answer any queries that you might have. The number will either show up as the school's number or it will be unknown. 


Please do let me know if there is anything the school can do to help you.


I wish everyone well at this challenging time.


Warmest wishes,


Camilla Crask


Please see below for a list of online resources that can help you to support your child further at home. A sample timetable has been included as well as a separate document with a list of lesson ideas that you can explore with your child. 

Year 4 home learning sample timetable and list of activities

Welcome to Kestrels!


Our class teacher is Mrs Crask. We also have a number of lovely Teaching Assistants who will be supporting us in our learning: Mrs Bryant, Mrs Cherry, Mrs Flechais-Downs, Mrs Hardisty-Hughes and Mrs Oram.


In term one, we will be learning about Ancient Egyptians and making links with other historical periods using timelines to help us. During the year, we will also study many other exciting topics including Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and inspirational people. We like to go on visits to support our learning and plan to have visitors and special days in school in order to bring our topics to life. Please support us when we have our fab finishes; we look forward to seeing you!


Our main aim in Kestrels is to be our very best and to celebrate our achievements in a supportive way. In order that we can be successful, our three core values are important to us:


Be ready

Be respectful

Be safe


P.E. takes place twice weekly and is a valuable part of our curriculum. Please ensure that your child has their P.E. kit and water bottle with them in school at all times.   


It is important that you continue to sign your child’s reading journal at least 5 times per week and bring it into school every Monday when our 5 read achievements are celebrated within the class. We have a good range of books that children can borrow to read at home and they are very welcome to change them at any time throughout the week.


Thank you for your support! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or queries.


Best wishes,


Mrs Crask




Youlbury day 1

Youlbury Day 1

We arrived safely at Youlbury this morning and have had an action packed day one. After some excitement getting the coach safely down the narrow road to the site, we were greeted by our scout leader as well as some very welcome dry weather! We explored our rooms, unpacked our things and then began our different activities. Many of us have been map reading today in order to get to know the site and have tried different activities ranging from crate stacking to archery. Following a well-deserved dinner, we enjoyed a torchlit walk to the fire pit where we lit a bonfire and sang songs as well as a very big happy birthday song for Teagan. It has been a lot of fun already and we are looking forward to a good night's sleep in our lovely rooms. Here's to more adventures tomorrow!

Youlbury Day 2

Another action packed day today. First, we went into the woods and my group went to the zip line. It was quite scary but you got used to it. Some people had a few trips down the wire and I thought it was quite exhilarating. After that, we walked back into the woods and played some games. My favourite was hide and seek because there was lots of space to explore. Then we went for a tasty lunch and the cooks were great. In the afternoon, we did some archery. You had to be steady and focused. It was great today!!!


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