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Youlbury update - Friday 8th March

Another wonderful day in the woods of Youlbury. The day started with sunshine and a very yummy cooked breakfast.

Full of breakfast, we made our way into the woods to begin our activities!

Larson kicked off the day with crate stacking where the whole group achieved crate stacking to a great height. Particularly impressive was Imogen and Thomas but there was amazing teamwork from everyone. After that we did orienteering around the woods followed by rounders after lunch. Our final activity was the amazing zip wire where everyone enjoyed climbing the tower, hooking onto their harness and flying through the tree tops.

Watson began the day releasing our inner Robin Hood during archery followed by a very exciting hour of parachute games. In the afternoon, we went orienteering in the rainy forest then tested our knot-tying skills in pioneering. We have been particularly impressed with Poppy and Nate for beating the time set by the instructor.

Stafford started their day off by challenging themselves with zip lining. We really proud because everyone was able to go down the zip line. The instructors were very complimentary of our energy and chicken impressions. After a challenging first session, we had a more relaxing game of rounders. It was so much fun we were almost late for lunch! After lunch, we escaped the rain by playing some parachute games in the hall. Finally, we showed off our skills in archery. Special mention to George and Dominic who were really enthusiastic and got some great shots in archery.

Marquis began our day with pioneering. We learned how to tie knots and create a car from just a few materials. We had lots of fun riding it down the hill. We then joined Watson team for parachute games and a very rainy orienteering session. After we had warmed up, we put our harnesses and helmets on and headed up to crate stacking. Well done to Daniel and Joana who climbed the highest!

After a delicious dinner and pudding, the adults made a make-shift ‘campfire’ in the hall out of torches, stones and sticks. Mr Richards lead us in a very spirited sing song. Miss Wright and Miss De Vries even roasted marshmallows on the hob to create s’mores.

Larson, adding to the group rivalries, chose not one, but TWO stars of the day! Big well done to Sabrina and Talulah for conquering their fears and going down the zip line.

Stafford’s star was Devon for being helpful and considerate throughout the whole day and doing the zip line even though he was nervous.

Watson’s star was Harry for wonderful perseverance while creating our cars and beautiful joining in with our campfire songs.

For Marquis, the star was Jasmine for keeping going on going in crate stacking even when she thought she might not do it.

Although we weren’t able to dress up, we still celebrated World Book Day by settling down with a book before bed. We look forward to our final day.



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