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Youlbury update - Thursday 7th March

We’ve had a great first day at Youlbury! As soon as we arrived, we were given the chance to settle in to our lovely, modern accommodation.

We were then split into groups which are named after famous explorers. We learnt about these explorers and their great achievements and used this information to design group flags.

After lunch, Marquis and Watson played a few games of very competitive rounders.

Marquis then went on to do archery and we were surprised with some of the skill our group had.

Watson challenged themselves by going on the zip line showing great courage and encouraging others.

Stafford got to explore more of Youlbury by doing orienteering searching for letters to make a word. We then tried our hand at crate stacking- a new experience for all of us!

Larson had fun inside playing parachute games. We had a go at pioneering and made an amazing go-kart out of logs, barrels and ropes. We even got to drive it at the end!

We had a very tasty dinner and even tastier desert, which every child enjoyed! This was followed by a screening of Moana with lots of singing.

Well done to all the year 4s for giving everything a go and enjoying themselves. We have also chosen our first stars of the day.

From Larson, we chose Talulah for her perseverance in pioneering.

Stafford’s star was Amelia for jumping into everything and helping others.

Watson chose Leo for giving the zip wire a go even though it was a fear of his.

From Marquis, we had Lexie for being so polite, helping her friends at dinner time and amazing us with her great archery skills!

We are looking forward to an even more exciting day tomorrow!

They have all had a good night’s sleep and looking forward to a fun day today.



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