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Pictures & Work - I love seeing what you have been up to, keep sending it in!

Monday 6th July


Dear Owls, parents and carers,


I hope you have all had a nice week. I am looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom on Monday (6th) at 2pm. Your adult will be emailed a link to click on with some instructions for you to follow. Please make sure you have read these. It will last 30mins with some games we can all join in with, it will be great to see you all!


Miss Travell

Monday 29th June

Dear Owls, parents & carers,

I hope you all managed to stay cool but enjoy the lovely weather last week! 

The year 3 children who are in school have written a letter to you all at home, I have put it in the documents below, they would love it if you could write back to them! Either ask your grown up to take a picture and email it to the homework email address or type it up on a computer and ask your adult to email that to the homework email address. 


Have a great week,

Miss Travell

Monday 22nd June

Dear Owls, parents & carers,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Well done for your hard work last week, I have enjoyed looking through the work that you have emailed in. I have a read a super story about Boudicca, I have seen some great art work for your shields and some very neat handwriting. Some more of you have completed the treasure hunt and I have also enjoyed seeing those pictures and I am really pleased you enjoyed doing it. 


In the resources below I have put the letter from the Oxfordshire Music Service with the username and password if you would like to have a look at some of the online resources as we are missing our singing time.


Have a good week,

Miss Travell



Monday 15th June 2020

Dear Owls parents & carers,

I hope you are all still well and had a good week last week. Well done those of you who took on the treasure hunt challenge, I have enjoyed seeing your pictures. I managed to find all the items apart from a bird and a spider web! I was challenged to take a picture of a duck which I aim to find on my run next weekend! If you have not yet completed the challenge, feel free to do it this week. Please continue to send in pictures of your work, I really enjoy seeing it.


Phone calls

As many more children are now in school, most teachers are back in class teaching full time. Therefore the phone call system is changing.

If your child is in a keyworker group, they will not receive a phone call as we see them in class.

All of the other children in the class will receive a fortnightly phone call from Mrs Westrop.

A few children may continue to receive a weekly call from either Mr Marsh, Joanne Mew or Sally Coates.


Have a good week and keep up the hard work!

Miss Travell

Monday 8th June

Dear Owls & parents/carers,

It was really nice to catch up with you all this week and hear stories from your half terms, including learning to ride bikes, sunny walks, fun in the paddling pool and some baking. They all sounded great half terms! I hope you've enjoyed the start to our new Roman topic, there will be an exciting D&T project starting soon so keep your eyes peeled on the timetable over the next couple of weeks. Well done to those of you who took up my challenge on TT Rockstars, I am super impressed at all of your effort on it lately, keep it up! 


To give you all a bit of fun for your week, your challenge this week is a nature treasure hunt around Abingdon/where you live! I have created a list of 10 items (see resources below) that I want you to go out with your family and try and find. Take a picture of them and email them to me at the homework email address. I will do the same around Oxford and post my pictures on the class page next week. Who can find them all?! Have fun! Also, if you would like to challenge me to finding a certain nature item around Oxford, let me know in the email you send with your pictures!


Have a good week,

Miss Travell

Sunday 31st May

Dear Owls & parents/carers,


I hope you all are well and had a relaxing half term and enjoyed the sunshine!

We are now in term 6 and our topic this term is all about the Romans! Please find the timetable and any resources below. As always, continue sending in your work and any pictures from this time to the homework email address. I love seeing what you have all been up to as I miss you all. I have been impressed with the hard work I've seen on TT Rockstars! I've challenged you all on TT Rockstars, can you beat me?! 


I hope you have a good week,

Miss Travell

18th May

Dear Owls, parents and carers,


I hope you are all safe and well. This is the last week of term and I just want to say how well you have all done adjusting to this new style of learning. I am really proud of your attitude towards doing your school work and the work that you have produced! I love seeing your work so please continue to send it in and I will continue to put it on the class page (if it is a photograph then please say whether you give permission). I will be phoning you all this week so I am looking forward to catching up with you all.


Enjoy the lovely weather,

Miss Travell



11th May


Dear Owls, parents and carers,


I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! I enjoyed speaking to you last week and hearing what you have been up to.


Thank you to those who have sent in pictures of work or what you have been up to during lockdown. I am really impressed at your work and the creative skills I have seen like cooking, playing instruments and designing a healthy party. Keep sending in pictures, I really like to see them! If the picture has you or a member of your family then please state whether you give permission for it to go onto the website. Please send them to homework@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk.


Have a good week,

Miss Travell

Term 5 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sunday 3rd May

Dear parents/carers and Owls,


I hope you are all well. I am missing you all but I enjoyed talking to you again this week and I am really pleased to hear how well you are getting on with your work from the timetable. I am very proud of how you have adapted! I really like seeing your work so please keep sending it in to the homework email address once a week. I am going to start putting up pictures of your work onto the class page so if you are sending a photo of you or a member of your family please add if you give permission for this to be put onto the page. 


The timetable this week has only 4 days as Friday is a bank holiday. Please find the White Rose maths sheets on the class page rather than on the White Rose page and the video clip link is on the timetable.


Have a good week,

Miss Travell



KS2 Update Friday 3rd April 2020


It’s been a strange couple of weeks for our school community but it has been great to talk to parents and children on the phone and to hear what you’ve been doing. 


Thank you also for your emails with pictures of children’s work which we are very much enjoying.  If you do decide to share work with the class teacher, we would appreciate it if you could send these in once a week to the homework email address and they will be forwarded to teachers from the school office.

The next two weeks are officially Easter holiday weeks and so we will not be calling or setting new work.  


When the new term starts on Monday 20th April, we will be posting a weekly timetable on the school website class page each week; the work will cover most of the learning objectives we would have taught in school for that week (as far as this is possible). It is important that children try to follow this and establish a daily routine but we realise that this will be different for different families in different situations; please just do your best. At school, children learn the values of resourcefulness and resilience and this situation is a good reminder of why these values are so important.


Even though it’s hard being so constrained in our movements and not seeing friends, it’s a good time for the children to learn new things through practical experiences at home – cook, learn to ride a bike, learn how to touch type, make things, learn a rhyme or a poem, sing, sew, knit, tell the time.  You will probably have lots of other ideas too!


Most of all, enjoy spending time with your lovely children. 


Thanks so much for all your support and we wish you all a happy and healthy Easter!


The KS2 Team



Dear parents/carers,


Below are some useful links and documents to help your child with their learning while they are off school. One of them is Oxford Owl and this has several ebooks which the children can read. The username is: Caldecott3t and the passwords is: Owls.


The children also have taken a learning pack home (or it will be delivered to you if they are absent this week). The pack includes a timetable to help them structure the day as well as resources to help them with their work.


I will be phoning the children once a week - on either your home number or your mobile number - to check how they (and their family) are getting on; the number will either show up as the school's number or it will be unknown. 

Please do let me know if there is anything the school can do to help you.

Miss Travell



Details about the curriculum we follow can be found on the following website page...

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