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Welcome to Owls!


Dear parents/carers,


Below are some useful links and documents to help your child with their learning while they are off school. One of them is Oxford Owl and this has several ebooks which the children can read. The username is: Caldecott3t and the passwords is: Owls.


The children also have taken a learning pack home (or it will be delivered to you if they are absent this week). The pack includes a timetable to help them structure the day as well as resources to help them with their work.


I will be phoning the children once a week - on either your home number or your mobile number - to check how they (and their family) are getting on; the number will either show up as the school's number or it will be unknown. 

Please do let me know if there is anything the school can do to help you.

Miss Travell



Details about the curriculum we follow can be found on the following website page...

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