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So it has been an exciting week of History and Science! We have discovered how fossils are made and created our own replicas. Did you know there are different types of fossils? Ask an Owl (or Falcon) for more information. 

Our star learner this week is Cameron and our Class Caldecott Star is Tilly-Mai! Well done both of you!

We also said goodbye to one our owls this Friday, do chat to your little Owls if they are missing their friend.

Finally, a big thank you to the whole class for showing such care and empathy this week towards each other and to staff. 


Looking forward to week 5! 


Miss Irving





This week we studied some examples of Neolithic art and imitated the style using chalk and charcoal. Hear are a few examples of our work

In Science, we found out how fossils area formed. Did you know there are different types of fossils? Ask us to find out more...

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