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Happy Half Term Everyone!

I will put next term's work on this page next Sunday (31st May). 

Have a lovely half term and stay safe.

Miss Dearie

Term 5 Timetable

Please find below links to our Term 5 timetable. We recognise that some of you might not have access to a laptop or tablet so please adapt and do the best that you can. Most importantly at the moment is that you feel safe and secure - we do not want you to be worried or anxious about this work.

We look forward to speaking with you all sometime this week. Have fun with your learning!

Monday reading session with Miss Tolley!

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Miss Dearie Poem Challenge!

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Term 5 Topic and Wellbeing

Coronavirus Guide: This will help explain the changes that are happening due to the Coronavirus. It offers support for emotional, physical and mental well-being during this difficult time.

KS2 Update 03/04/2020


It’s been a strange couple of weeks for our school community but it has been great to talk to parents and children on the phone and to hear what you’ve been doing. 


Thank you also for your emails with pictures of children’s work which we are very much enjoying.  If you do decide to share work with the class teacher, we would appreciate it if you could send these in once a week to the homework email address and they will be forwarded to teachers from the school office.

The next two weeks are officially Easter holiday weeks and so we will not be calling or setting new work.  


When the new term starts on Monday 20th April, we will be posting a weekly timetable on the school website class page each week; the work will cover most of the learning objectives we would have taught in school for that week (as far as this is possible). It is important that children try to follow this and establish a daily routine but we realise that this will be different for different families in different situations; please just do your best. At school, children learn the values of resourcefulness and resilience and this situation is a good reminder of why these values are so important.


Even though it’s hard being so constrained in our movements and not seeing friends, it’s a good time for the children to learn new things through practical experiences at home – cook, learn to ride a bike, learn how to touch type, make things, learn a rhyme or a poem, sing, sew, knit, tell the time.  You will probably have lots of other ideas too!


Most of all, enjoy spending time with your lovely children. 


Thanks so much for all your support and we wish you all a happy and healthy Easter!


The KS2 Team

Keeping In Touch: Update 27/03

If you missed my call yesterday and would like a phone call, please contact the school email address on: admin.2605@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk or forward any school work related queries to our new email address: homework@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk. Please also let us know if there is an alternative phone number that you would prefer us to use to reach you. I will be phoning families again next week before the start of the Easter break and look forward to speaking with you then.

I hope you and your families are able to enjoy some sunny walks in the coming days.


Update 26/03

We have set up a new email address as follows: Homework@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk. Please use this address to send photographs or attachments of any work that your child would like us to see. Whilst it is not possible for us to formally mark work during this difficult period, we would be delighted to see what the children have been doing and to share in their successes and discoveries. It may also be possible to provide a small level of feedback should you have a specific query that cannot wait for your weekly phone call review. 


I can't wait to see what you have produced! 

 Dear parents/carers,


I will miss seeing the children over the next two weeks and hope they are able to continue successfully with their learning at home. Please find below a timetable for your child to follow when home learning. This has been shared and explained to most of the children so they should be familiar (unless absent this week). The timetable gives a good balance of academic study among enrichment activities that can be completed at home. The children also have a learning activities grid which is listed below (most children will also have been provided with hard copies of these too so they can tick off once completed).  The children have each been given two books: 1. Reading / Writing  2. Maths 

These books are for the children to record all their home learning where appropriate. There are also helpful documents within these books to support your child with their learning in relation to the timetable set. 


I will be phoning the children once a week - on either your home number or your mobile number - to check how they (and their family) are getting on; the number will either show up as the school's number or it will be unknown. 


I wish everyone well at this challenging time.


Please do let me know if there is anything the school can do to help you.


Miss Dearie


Please see below for a list of online resources that can help you to support your child further at home. A sample timetable has been included as well as a separate document with a list of lesson ideas that you can explore with your child. 

Topic and Well-being Activities

Pelicans at Home! 

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