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Ms King and Mrs Eastwood

Hello and welcome to the Penguins Class!


We are all very excited to be in Year 6 and are more than ready to meet the new challenges that being in Y6 bring.


Our teachers, Miss King and Mrs Eastwood, have been really impressed with the way that we have all settled into the new routines and with our mature attitude to the changes in class and in school.


This term our topic is called 'Home Front Heroes' and focuses on the impact World War II had on the lives of people in Britain. We will be looking particularly at the role of women and children in the war - and finding out about some heroes too. These include the British spy, Noor Inayat Khan and the British teenager (just 13 years of age) Hazel Hill.


During the year, we will study many other exciting topics including 'I Wonder...', 'Justice for Jim', 'Journeys',  'Meeting the Challenge' and 'Moving on Up'. We will start our topics with a WOW day, which is always a great way to begin to learn about something new, and end with an exciting event. This term, we had an 'Evacuee Day' to kick start the topic and will end it with a VE celebration party. 


Our main aim in Penguins is to be kind to one another, to be respectful and to always aim high. To help us achieve this, we have three core values to guide us. They are:

Be ready

Be respectful

Be safe

These are important to us and help us to be the best we can be. 


We all know that reading is important and fun; we love books! Please help us to remember to complete our five reads by reminding us and reading with us too. The books we will study in class this year include: Goodnight Mister Tom, Wonder, Street Child, No Ballet Shoes in Syria and a graphic novel version of Macbeth.


We love to keep healthy and fit and in class we run for 10 minutes every day. This term we are also getting even fitter in our cross country sessions and by learning WWII dances, which are a lot of fun.


We are looking forward to a happy and successful year.


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