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Mrs Martin and Miss Long



A huge thank you to all children and to their parents and carers  for such fantastic support this year and, in particular, during the last few months.  I have been very touched by your kind messages and the gifts I received from you all - beautiful flowers and wine and an amazing picture featuring all of the Swift children's names.  I certainly won't forget the class of 2019-2020.  It's been lovely teaching the Year 2s who have been in school during the lockdown period but I have really missed having all of the class together and it was sad today not to be able to say goodbye face to face.


I hope you have a wonderful summer and I'll be waving to you when I see you in your new Year 3 classes in September.


Many thanks again,


Ruth Martin

laughFantastic Science Show! laugh


Our year 1 bubbles had a fantastic time taking part with Jen and Kirsty from Bright Sparks Science learning all about air. The show has been recorded so that everyone can watch and join in! It is perfect for year 2 (and even year 3 people as well).

Copy this address into your address bar:      https://youtu.be/uI4IWLwTMk8 


Happy science-ing! 


Miss Irving
Science and eco coordinator

Ocean Music

Here are the Ocean Commotion songs that we usually learn in Term 6. Hope you enjoy singing along!

02 Ocean Commotion - with vocal.mp3

03 Hitchin' a ride - with vocal.mp3

04 Look out for the hook - with vocal.mp3

05 Blue Whale_No-one on this planet is an island - with vocal.mp3

Ocean Commotion lyrics

What a lovely Sharks information Powerpoint!

Oxford Owls log-in details


Huge apologies if anyone was finding it hard to access the Oxford Owls website.  I had a few problems too!  The log-in details are case sensitive. I've tested and you should be able to access with the following:


Class name:  caldecott2m (all lower case)

My Class Password:  Swifts (capital S)


Do let me know via the Homework email address if you're still having problems.


Coronavirus - Information to share with children

Below are some useful websites for home-learning.


If you would like to know more about our curriculum, please click on the link below, which will take you to the curriculum webpage.


Letters/Information 2019/2020

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