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Miss Irving

Welcome Wrens 2020/2021

My name is Miss Travell and I will be teaching you next year which I am very excited about! Have a great summer and see you in September!

10th July 2020


Hello you fantastic Wrens! 


As we come into our final week of the school year, I have been thinking back, and am so proud of how much you have grown. Not just in your English and maths, science and art, but as a person. In the first term you became better listeners for  your friends and peers, which made you happy to work and play as a team. You became more confident at asking questions to find things out and knew that it was ok not to know the answer or get things correct first time. By the winter break I was the proud teacher of a team - not a just a class. Everyone knew how to support one another and work together so that our room was filled with friends and laughter.  When you came back to school in January - there were no winter blues, but exciting new adventures and chances to share our ideas.

I am thrilled to teach you again in year 3 and know that we will make each lesson the best that it can be for everyone. At 11 am on Monday, we will talk through any questions you have and share your ideas on things we could do to make Owls class outstanding! 


I hope you have lots of good memories of year 2 and look forward to sharing more adventures in the future! 


See you soon! 


Miss Irving

laughFantastic Science Show! laugh


Our year 1 bubbles had a fantastic time taking part with Jen and Kirsty from Bright Sparks Science learning all about air. The show has been recorded so that everyone can watch and join in! It is perfect for year 2 (and even year 3 people as well).

Copy this address into your address bar:      https://youtu.be/uI4IWLwTMk8 


Happy science-ing! 


Miss Irving
Science and eco coordinator

Year 2 Seaside Music - Ocean Commotion


Year 2s who are in school have been learning songs from a collection called Ocean Commotion which we would normally have all learnt for our summer term Fab Finish.   They've enjoyed them so much that we thought you might like to try them at home.  The lyrics and music are on the Swifts' class page.  Happy singing!

Oxford Owls

The class log-in details for Wrens has been changed to:

Username: 2wrens

Password: 2caldecott

Coronavirus guide to share with children

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