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School Curriculum Organisation KS1 and KS2

Our aim is to ensure that every child receives an engaging, relevant, broad and balanced curriculum, based on the national curriculum programmes of study.  A new national curriculum was introduced in 2014.  All children in KS1 and KS2 are taught English, Mathematics and Science as core subjects.  There are also programmes of study for Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music and Physical Education (which includes swimming in years 3 and 4).  In KS2 children learn a foreign language.  The Education Reform Art of 1998 states that all pupils should be taught Religious Education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes the spiritual, moral cultural, mental and physical education of pupils.


Caldecott follows the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education and this requires pupils to study Christianity and two other religions at both Key Stages.  We encourage all children to take part because our teaching is about religions and not instruction in them.  If however, you do not wish your child to take part in these studies or the daily assembly, which is non-denominational, please discuss your concerns with the Headteachers.


Topic Work as follows for KS1 and KS2:


Key Stage 1


Year 1

Year 2

Term 1

Three Little Pigs                                                                                  

How did London change in 1666?

Term 2


Who made that? Lets find out

Term 3

Space Time

What's so different about Scandinavia ?

Term 4


 What was life like in America in the past?                                                 

Term 5


How does your garden grown?

Term 6

Green Fingers (growing)

What can you see by the sea?




Year 3




Term 1

Rock 'n' Roll (Stone Age to Iron Age)


Term 2

Lights, Camera, Action!


Term 3

Roots and shoots (The life of Georgia O'Keefe)                           


Term 4

Webbed wonders (Charlotte's web)


Term 5



Term 6

Dragons and Dynasties




Year 4/5




Term 1

Fizz, Pop, Bang! (Properties and changing materials)


Term 2

Rockets, Stars and Black Holes (Earth and Space)


Term 3

The Mysteries of Greece (Ancient Greece)


Term 4

Survival! (Geography)


Term 5

Carnival Fever (Brazil/Geography)


Term 6

People, Places and Perspectives (Geography)




Class information Leaflets

Class information is available to view or download on each class page.  These leaflets will give you useful information about what your child is learning this year and how you can help.  A really significant way that you can support your child's learning is to read with them at  home at least five times a week.  This only needs to be for ten minutes each time but it really makes the difference.  This includes the older children as well. 


Curriculum Maps

These maps detail the content of the curriculum our school follows in each academic year for every subject.  



At Caldecott we support the principle of working with parents/carers for the benefit of the children and therefore we have a homework policy that has been agreed by staff, governors and parents/carers.  Our teachers will provide homework in accordance with this policy.

We recognise that children who are supported and encouraged at home produce better results in school so we will ask all parents/carers to read and share books with their children and support them in all other homework tasks.

Phonics and Reading Information

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