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Attendance – Every day at school counts!

Evidence shows that good attendance is key to children being successful at school. Our aim is to have all children in school learning for at least 97% of the year.


At Caldecott we also celebrate good attendance every week by awarding ‘Golden Time’ to the class with the best attendance. We also pick one child with 100% attendance from the previous week to receive a certificate and prize in assembly. Certificates are awarded at the end of each term for 100% attendance and the names of children with attendance of 98% and above are displayed on the Attendance Tree in the school corridor.



There are 190 school days in a year. Attendance less than 90% means a pupil is missing 20 days or more of school a year, or ½ a day a week. This makes it harder for a pupil to make progress and have success.


With your help and support we can ensure we are doing our best for all the children at Caldecott.


Some reminders:  

  • Please call the school to leave a message on the absence line, or send an email to admin.2605@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk.

  • If your child is late, you need to come in to school to provide a reason.

  • Registers are taken at 8.55am and so we encourage you to have your child in school at 8.45. Lateness 30 minutes after the registers have opened is an unauthorised absence unless there is an acceptable reason.

  • Medical appointments should be made out of school hours where possible. Siblings should not be removed from school for appointments. If an appointment is in the afternoon, your child should attend school for the morning and for the afternoon if the appointment was in the morning.


Current Attendance procedures (Oxfordshire)

Penalty Notices are issued in the following circumstances:-

  • At least 20 sessions* are lost due to unauthorised absence in a period of no more than 10 weeks
  • A leave of absence that has not been approved due to exceptional circumstances during term time, of at least 10 sessions of unauthorised absence in a period of no more than 5 weeks
  • Persistent late arrival at school (after the register has closed) equivalent to 20 sessions of unauthorised absence in a period of no more than 10weeks
  • Penalty Fines are currently £60 per parent per child.


*Please note that a session is equivalent to a morning or an afternoon session so a week is 10 sessions.

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