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School Council 2022-23

At the start of the school year, children in Years 2 - 6 elected School Councillors to represent them.  The first School Council meeting was held and the children discussed what they thought made a good School Councillor. Qualities such as kindness, empathy, good listening skills, confidence and equality were talked about. 


In October, the School Council helped organise the donations for Abingdon Food Bank. They did such a good job and the Food Bank were very grateful. Thank you to everybody who brought in food items. 

In November, the School Council helped decide upon an activity to raise money for Children in Need; they democratically voted to complete a Danceathon! Pupils brought in donations and on the day itself the children danced their socks off! We raised over £2000 which was absolutely incredible. We are so fortunate to have such a generous community at Caldecott. 


In Term 3, the School Council decided they wanted to take part in 'Cut Your Carbon' week. This meant we had to think of an activity the school community could take part in to consider their carbon footprint and what we could do to help the climate crisis. Therefore, we put on a 'Pre-loved clothing event' where members of the school community could donate items of clothing. On the final day of term, the School Council organised the clothing into age groups and we welcomed the families of Caldecott into the hall to take home free, good quality clothing. It was a huge success! 


Watch this space for the exciting and valuable additions to our school that our School Councillors bring this year!





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