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Saturday 1st July: Dunton race track at Ford headquarters in Surrey. We won!

Satuday 1st July: Dunton race track at Ford headquarters in Surrey. The races

Saturday 1st July: Dunton race track at Ford headquarters in Surrey - Final fixes and scrutineering

This blog is by Ellie P


Today, we are testing the car by driving it around the playground. Also Eva, Rubie and Isobel added on the beautiful bunny stickers to the car. While other people finished doing the bunny ears. I predict we will get the car done before race day.  We have some brilliant people who fix the car throughout the meeting times. They are:  Jaedon and Charlie.  Owen and Jaedon were the scrutineers, making sure everyone was safe at all times. We are having the best time trying out the car. Our latest race day is Saturday 1st  July where we will be heading to Dunton race track. smiley

blog by Ellie.P. and photos by Ellie.P.


Today, we are doing the some checks on the car. The car now works! Jadeon and Mathew have been moving the car for tests. Ellie has also been helping with the car the past few weeks. Evie and Isobel have been making the tail of the bunny car. While Josh has been cutting out the outline of the face. Then Josh will spray paint the outline. Everyone has been doing their part to help get the car ready for race day. Our latest race day is Saturday 1st of July! We are nearly ready. laugh

Today's blog is by Ellie p , Evie, Rubie and Harry.


Friday 28th April 2023.


Today, we went through some slides about carrying out safety checks on the car that Hilton delivered. Then some people did some sewing, drilling and did the final panel on the back of the car. On the sewing team, we were putting the ears on the car so we can be ready for race time. We are fixing the panels that broke last week and so far they are doing well. We have Eva hand sewing one ear and Isobel doing sewing on the machine they are working well and will have the ears done no time. Charlie  and Jaedon  have been working on  the car tirelessly smiley Ellie and Miss Longman have been amazing help as well. We are getting on verry well and will win the race in no time. wink



Friday 21st April 2023

Hello everyone today we have been working even more on are bunny car as well as drilling , sewing ,sanding and screwing bolts. Also Gareth the school care taker has been helping us as well by using the jigsaw. Sadly we could not go to ABINGDON BOYS SCHOOL because of  Hilton was ill with covid but hopefully he is better next week so we can go to ABINDON BOYS SCHOOL ! We all had a great time at car club ,

From Rubie  . Also a great thankyou for Isobel for doing the photos!!!!!!!

March 17th 2023

Hello everyone!

Today we didn't get to go to Abingdon school, as there were not enough adults to run the workshop with us. Instead, we had the car outside on the KS1 playground and finished off the drilling. We also tried to upload some photos from last week (very funny) can't wait to see them on the website! 


Today's blog is by Eva 

Friday 17th March 2023

Friday 24th February 2023. Our first workshop at Abingdon School

13th January 2023.


A new term with new faces.



 Today we have had some engineers kindly come in and help us measure out the body work of the car. We taped A3 paper to the car and then measured out each area on the car that will need a protective panel made. Mike, a teacher from Fitzharry's school, came in as well and we talked about ways that we could create the panels for our vehicle from recycled materials.   

We had an amazing time back at car club laugh


A thank you to Matthew and to Rubie for typing this and to Owen, our photographer this session.

                                                                                                          CAKE SALE  smiley

Today we had a cake sale to raise money for the car. We raised £74.40. Thank you to the people who purchased  the cakes. 


The winner of the car designs has been announced to the car club from the whole school voting that took place.


We will be creating Eva's bunny design, with a few modifications. 

A massive congratulations to Eva on her design and for all the team designs. 


There are more adventures coming up


Watch this space! 

Cake sale sell out!

Voting week!

All of Years 1- 6 got involved this week in voting for the bodywork design they believe would be the best to try and win  the best design prize.

The models had been on display all week with explanations of why the design had been chosen and what materials they would use to build it.

The group had researched the options and had to take into account how protective it was, sustainable it was, the cost of the materials, had weight of the materials, and the difficulty rating for each type.

On Friday, Miss Irving took some impartial Year 3 volunteers around to each class so that everyone had the opportunity to vote. 

The votes have been counted...


And will be announced when the Year 6 return from their trip.


I wonder if the chosen design is the one you voted for?

Voting day 18.11.22


Today's blog is by Ellie.


Today we worked on our piece of information to explain our design ideas. We thought about what sustainable materials each of us are going to use so everyone will know who to vote for. We will present our cars to the school next week and everyone will be able to vote for the car design they like the most.

To make sure we can buy the materials we need we are having a fundraiser. We agreed that we would have a cake sale and made posters for our fundraiser that we are holding on the  9/12/22 .


Photographer 4.11.22 Harry Here are some pictures of today's work :

21st October 2022


Hi everyone!

In this meeting we have been finishing our prototypes. We thought about what materials we may use and how sustainable each one is. We will be putting our models with some information up in the school after the holiday and let people vote for which design they think would be the best to build.  Everyone has done an amazing job, it will be quite hard to decide!


Today's blog is written by Eva Carline

Photographer by Isobel Kearly

21st October 2022 - Designing prototypes

30th September 2022.


We meet again...


Today the new team met together for the first time. There was a buzz of excitement as we went through the plan for the year. Each member will take on a variety of roles as engineers, drivers, designers, fundraisers, photographers, writers, and the many challenges each of these roles hold. 

As the rain was pretty heavy, the car stayed tucked away and the team began to build and think about the bodywork that we will work on creating this term. 

The design must:

  • protect the driver
  • use or reuse materials in a sustainable way
  • choose a style fun/exciting/professional 

When each team member has completed their designs, we will share them with the school and carry out a vote for their favourite model.

2022 - 2023 A new year a new team!

Our trip to Silverstone with Formula Student

Still image for this video
Our team went to Silverstone for the day, showcasing our vehicle (as the only primary school at the event) we met teams from around Europe and found out what it takes to get race ready.

We have power!

Still image for this video
As the session was coming to an end, the team managed to get all the bolts tightened and the batteries all wired in. At 16.03PM our race car moved!
The team are elated as their hard work is bearing fruit. We have ordered a set of safety gear ready for next Friday so that the team can have a go at driving the vehicle too.
A massive well done to all involved and to everyone who has sponsored us, bought cakes, come to our fundraisers.
Just look at what can be achieved!

Friday 20th May 2022 - Almost done with the car structure and logo design

Friday 13th May 2022

Friday 13th May 2022

Our Greenpower project - Term 5 week 2: big build day

Greenpower Goblin Go-Kart: Building the seat

Gobin Go-Kart: Getting the wheels on.

Hello from the race team!
Today (Friday 25th March) we were fundraising by getting people to pay us for a shot on our Nerf gun rally. We were helping the kids to shoot the targets and reload the guns for them. We gave the kids sweets as rewards if they knocked all the cups down and did well in the Nerf gun rally. Even Miss Walsh came and had a go. We raised £24.70 towards our goal – this is enough to buy two pairs of gloves!
Thank you to everyone who came by and took part.

Nerf Fundraiser 25th March 2022

Go kart club cake sale
Today we raised £163.10. The queue was back at the After School Club building! Thank you for buying our cakes. We really appreciate it - thank you very much!

From the team

Fundraiser Cake sale time

Meet the team

Caldecott’s Goblin team are making progress on the designing and construction of their race car 🏎
The team have worked out the cost for the clothing and helmets and will begin fundraising soon. Do get in touch if you would like to donate to or sponsor our team.

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