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Maths at Caldecott


At Caldecott, we follow the National Curriculum for mathematics.  We teach using the maths mastery approach, following the White Rose Hub Scheme of Work.  Our teaching and learning is based around building up fluency and being able to apply in a reasoning and problem solving context.  We have made great changes in the way we teach maths in the last few years and children really enjoy the big focus on the use of equipment to really embed fluency in the basics.


KS2 Times Tables

It is vital that children are fluent with multiplication facts in order to help them solve mathematical problems accurately and confidently. Year 4 children will be taking part in the new Multiplication and Times Table Check in 2021. We have introduced a times tables award system in KS2 to help motivate children to learn their times tables. Here is an explanation from one of our Maths Ambassadors:


The times table certificates here at Caldecott are awarded in three stages: bronze, silver and gold. All children in KS2 have a times tables test once a week. After they have passed a certain number of them, they get their certificates.

For Year 6, to achieve your bronze certificate, you must know all your times tables (including division facts and decimals) up to the 10 times table. Silver is achieved when we pass our 11 and 12 times table tests and gold when we pass our 13s, 14s and 15s. Children who achieve this then move on to platinum level, where they must answer questions using the rules of BODMAS.


Children practise their times tables by using Times Table Rock Stars.


KS1 Number Pairs Challenge

Year 1 and 2 children need to be secure in addition and subtraction facts for all pairs of numbers to 20.  Children take part in a Number Pair Challenge with gold, silver and bronze certificates to build up rapid recall.  


KS1 children all have a log-on to Numbots which is part of the Times Table Rock Stars website.  They can practise their number pairs at home.



All children in KS1 and KS2 can log on to MyMaths .  Homework is sometimes set on My Maths but children can also access maths games and challenges on-line.

Ideas for Learning Times Tables

Useful Websites

These are some useful websites for practising maths facts such as: time tables, number bonds, division etc…






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