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Owls Year 3

Miss Irving

Hello and welcome to Owls class!

My name is Miss Irving and I am the class teacher. 

I use class dojo to keep you all updated with news and events as well as achievements and photos of what we have been learning in class so do keep an eye on the app.

In year 3 we always work with our 5Rs in mind:

  • Be respectful
  • Be resourceful
  • Be responsible
  • Be reflective
  • Be resilient



Reading: Every Owl should read their school book 5 times a week for 10 to 15 minutes to an adult.

Maths: Your Owl will have a times table login with 10 minutes practise a week set.

Spelling: Please continue to learn the Year 3 and 4 common exception words making sure you can use them correctly in your writing. 


By working together, listening, and being compassionate, our classroom gets to be filled with engaged owls who grow in confidence throughout the year. I make sure that each Owl is given both challenge and support to make sure that the learning they do is the best it can be.

Learning, as you know, is something that is much bigger than a lesson or a classroom, so I am looking forward to working with all adults that support the Owls in my class, aiming to give them every opportunity to develop and grow.


Miss Irving

Term 2


Welcome to term 2! We have an exciting and varied range of learning experiences ahead of us that we are all looking forward to. Our learning focus this term is Resilience and how to manage distractions.

Our book this term is Tom’s Sausage Lion, by Michael Morpurgo, which we will be reading together and using our CASPER skills to dive deeper into the text. In our writing, we will be creating a narrative based on a mysterious box which arrived at the start of term... later on we will be creating a travel brochure to persuade holiday makers to travel to the exciting destinations of Norway and the beautiful Norther Ireland. 

In maths, we will continue to develop our understanding of subtraction and addition. This will be followed by multiplication and division with lots of opportunities for pupils to explain their thinking. In Science we are learning about light and shadows; what it is, how it moves, what happens when it’s not there, and how the eye sees. We will be investigating and learning how to write up our results. 

In DT we will be designing, creating and adapting a Norwegian recipe. We will be learning how to dice, slice and chop our ingredients safely to make our dish aesthetically pleasing. 

We will be learning about Diwali making links to our light work in science and other festivals of light. We have some great story and drama work to help us learn the story of Rama and Sita.

We are using SCRATCH this term, which you can access for free online. Where we will programme and create a story.


Our outdoor PE this term is Football, where we will work on set skills and the power of self-belief and will be having a house tournament at the end of term.

Our indoor PE is dance this term, and we will be learning and performing a traditional Norwegian dance and performing to families when they come to see our fab finish! 

Term 1

Stone Age to Iron Age

In term 1, we  stepped back in time to trace the movements of early humans and saw how life changed in what is now Britain for people living in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We went on a trip to Hill End and explored beyond the history lesson in reading, writing and art.

In science, we will learned about Rocks, Fossils, and Soils together. There are some great local examples of fossils you can visit at Abingdon Museum and the Natural History Museum in Oxford too.

In PE, our focus was determination. We put together sequences in gymnastics and improved our stamina in cross country  with an exciting Year group competition at the end of term.

Term 1 in Owls

Resources for home learning and general revision


Details about the curriculum we follow can be found on the following website page...

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