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Mr Carter and Miss Tolley




Hello Penguins! We hope that you had a good summer break and are delighted to be welcoming you back to the start of a new school year.  


With an exciting curriculum coming up this first term, starting with our Evacuee Day, we are very excited to share with you that our topic for this term is Homefront Heroes. We will be learning about the Second World War in Europe and how ordinary people’s lives were changed during this time. We will be covering topics such as the outbreak of the war, evacuation, the Blitz, the D-Day landings and the celebrations of VE Day, as well as researching the lives of the ordinary people who faced the Blitz and had to deal with rationing and evacuation. We will also be considering the changes to women’s lives brought about by the war, and hearing about the inspiring stories and achievements of significant women such as Noor Inayat Khan. 


On our return, we will be focussing on our three core values: 

  • Be ready 
  • Be respectful 
  • Be safe 

Whilst in addition always remembering our 5Rs: 

  • Resilience 
  • Resourcefulness 
  • Reflectiveness 
  • Responsibility 
  • Respect 

All of these values are important and help us to be the best we can be whilst aiming high. As the school’s Year 6s, the other year groups will be looking up to you as role models this year, and we know you will rise to this challenge brilliantly. 





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